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Profile "Health Cluster Portugal"

  • Updates regarding HCP's activities and initiatives.
  • New memberships.
  • Public announcements.




Group "Health Cluster Portugal"

  • This Group is a meeting point for the stakeholders in the Health sector and it is aimed at the dissemination of information and the discussion of topics of interest to the sector, in the fields of R&D, business, education/training and healthcare delivery.


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Group "HCP: I&D em Saúde | Health R&D"

  • News, events and other information in the areas of R&D and Innovation in Health.
  • Sharing of experiences and good practices.
  • Funding opportunities.
  • Partner searches.


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Group "HCP: Valorização do Conhecimento | Knowledge Valorization"

  • News, events and other information of interest in the areas of protection and valorization of intellectual property and knowledge in the field of Health.
  • Sharing of experiences and good practices.
  • Technology offers.


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Group "HCP: Potencial Humano | Human Potential"

  • News, events and other information of interest in the areas of qualification, education, training and the health labor market.
  • Announcements of training courses and programs.
  • Job, internship and scholarship opportunities.


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