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Multiple actions of reflection and analysis, with different origins and motivations, coincided in the conclusion that health related activities gather an interesting set of characteristics that make possible the creation of a cluster for competitiveness and technology in Portugal (but with an international outlook) anchored in the existent competences and potential, and targeting the global market.

Also to be mentioned is the increment observed in recent years in the collaborative and cooperative practices between the main Portuguese universities and a group of institutes under their influence with national and international companies.

It was in this context that a group of entities, known as the Group of Founders, which included: BIAL; IPATIMUP, IBMC e INEB (I3S), GDMF – Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Group; INL; IMM; CNC; Hovione e CCDRN; took the initiative, between middles of 2007 and April 2008, of structuring and constituting the Portuguese Cluster for Competitiveness and Technology in Health.

Several other companies, scientific and technological institutions, and hospitals have later joined the Group, through a process driven by objectivity and quality criteria, completing a total of 55 entities. In April 4th 2008, the Health Cluster Portugal – Associação do Pólo de Competitividade da Saúde, was formally created, as a private, not-for-profit association.

Since that date, several entities have joined to the Health Cluster Portugal, which presently has over 170 members, thus ensuring a growing coverage of the country’s health value chain.