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"Improving technology transfer from academia in translational medicine"

Instituto de Medicina Molecular, 24 e 25 de Março de 2011

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Quando 2011-03-24 09:30 até
2011-03-25 18:00
Onde FMUL/IMM - Ed. Egas Moniz
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Letting the researchers in academia know the potentialities of tech transfer, what industry expects from them, and the means by which basic research is suitable to carry on and be developed as industrial research is quite timely and important. Tech transfer in Europe is quite hindered and delayed due to a weak culture of entrepreneurship and "societal-impact-through-economical-value" among academic researchers. However, many academic researchers across Europe feel the need and the importance to interact with industry and have their findings being used with societal benefit in the mid-term. Yet, researchers need to understand the industry world before they can actually communicate with their industrial partners. Most of all, they need to know what makes their research interesting to industry and how they should design and plan their activities so that their findings may have industrial sequence. This will be the main theme of the short course, which above all intends to be useful for the attendees.


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(IMM, 7 de Março de 2011)