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Biotecnol SA launches Rodon Biologics

Biotecnol SA creates a dedicated spin-off structure called Rodon Biologics to support client therapeutic candidates development, while focusing its proprietary drug development through its US subsidiary Biotecnol Inc.

«Oeiras – 25 February, 2013.  Biotecnol SA, a Portugal based pioneering biotech company announces the creation of its spin-off, Rodon Biologics. The new company will be entirely independent and exclusively dedicated to the development of biological products, right from early stage research activities up to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) production of clinical grade therapeutic candidates.

The creation of Rodon Biologics constitutes a natural step in ensuring that the original Biotecnol SA company activities remains focused and continues as a sustainable and independent long-standing business. Rodon Biologics will therefore focus exclusively on contracted-development activities. In parallel,  Biotecnol SA  US subsidiary, Biotecnol Inc,  New Jersey, will continue the therapeutic development of its proprietary  biological products, and in particular, its Tribody multi-specific antibody products.

Rodon Biologics will operate as an independent subsidiary, building on the 15 year long track-record of its parent company. This new entity will be fully dedicated to working closely with clients in providing a focused quality-service for their biological drug development. It will be entirely dedicated to successfully delivering solutions in terms of process, manufacturing and product needs for its clients’ research, namely in pre-clinical and clinical programs.

Rodon Biologics will continue to meet the requirements of small, mid-size and large biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical corporations in supporting their preclinical and clinical research, by supplying a wide range of different product types and production processes including cytokines, growth factors, immunotoxins,  antigens, antibodies, antibody fragments and multispecific antibody based formats.

Rodon Biologics’s expertise lies in using existing and well-established expression technologies including mammalian, E.coli and yeast, cell line development, upstream and downstream processes, analytics, quality, manufacturing, regulatory, program and customer relations management to deliver research materials as well as GMP compliant processes for biomanufacturing.

As a focus for its growing activities, Rodon Biologics is renewing its exclusive and intensified customer-focused approach. It will offer an expanding biologics service matrix, including protein engineering, cell line and process development, manufacturing and analytical services. All of these are aimed to successfully deliver biologic products (proteins, cells and/or DNA), processes and services, to existing and new customers, while continually supporting and satisfying their expectations and needs. 


Rodon Biologics

Lagoas Park
Edifício 7, 1º Piso
2741-901 Porto Salvo
Dr. José Luis Moreira
tel: +351-214220520


About Biotecnol SA

Since 1996, Biotecnol SA has been at the forefront of the biotechnology sector in Portugal. The company has a long-standing activity in the development of biologic products for therapeutic use. Through Rodon Biologics, Biotecnol SA provides in-house capabilities for partner-led or collaborative programmes with a strong client-based activity and an established track record. Rodon Biologics uses its expression technologies, cell-line development capabilities, upstream and downstream processing, analytics and QC experience for delivering GMP/GLP compliant processes for biomanufacturing. Through its US business, Biotecnol, Inc, is developing the next generation of antibody-based therapeutics for the treatment of diseases in a vast number of therapeutic areas and indications based on its proprietary Tribody™ technology. Tribody molecules are multi-specific antibody products that, from a single molecule, enable the targeting of two or three tumour antigens in the same disease or two or three epitopes on the same tumour target, whilst still being able to engage and re-direct T-cells to the tumour.  Biotecnol has fully integrated capabilities that allow the company to run and effectively manage its own drug development programmes, right from the antibody selection process to clinic proof of concept.»


(Biotecnol, 25 February 2013)