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HCP promoted the presentation session of the Project Do IT


It took place on 19 September 2012, at the Casa da Música, in Porto, the public presentation session of the project "Do IT - Development and Operation of Translational Research".

Promoted by HCP and supported by the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN), the project Do IT involves a total of 21 partners - including companies, R&D institutions and hospitals - and aims at the development of translational research strategies and organizational models applicable to the entities of the Portuguese health value chain, as well as the development of innovative and competitive products and services for the global Health market, including solutions for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes.

Organized in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Portugal, the session also served to sharing experiences and good practices with reference players in the Dutch sector of the life sciences and health, as well as to address the opportunities in the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 for the Health sector.

The opening of the session was conducted by Manuel Sobrinho Simões, Vice-President of HCP, and Isabel Furtado, Administrator of TMG, representing  the Do IT consortium.




This was followed by the intervention of Annemiek Verkamman, Managing Director of BioFarmind and former Director of the Life Sciences Health Program, which was focused on the best practices in Academia-Industry-Government partnerships, with examples of the life sciences and health sector in Holland, and how these partnerships are important for the competitiveness of the Health value chain. [view presentation]



The following presentation was delivered by Henk Viëtor, who addressed the issue of transforming scientific knowledge into new products, by presenting the case studies of Drug Discovery Factory and Skyline Diagnostics, two of several companies he founded and manages. [view presentation]



This was followed by the presentation "Opportunities in the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 for the health sector", performed by Joana Camilo, from the GPPQ – FP7 Promotion Office. [view presentation]



Then, the Executive Director of the HCP, Joaquim Cunha, presented the initiatives that HCP has been promoting for boosting the Portuguese participation in FP7, with special attention being given to the Project "HCP-SEI - Health, Entrepreneurship and Innovation". [view presentation]



The last point of the agenda was the presentation of the several R&D projects that are part of the Project Do IT, with the interventions of Miguel Castanho (Instituto de Medicina Molecular), Miguel Castelo Branco (Universidade de Coimbra), João Cerqueira (Universidade do Minho), and José Carlos Machado (IPATIMUP).

                      HCP_Session-DoIT_07.png HCP_Session-DoIT_08.png

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The presentation session of the Project Do IT was preceded by a General Meeting of the project’s consortium, which took place during the morning. The agenda included two major topics: i) sharing of best practices in translational research, and ii) identification of trends and opportunities in the health sector, as well as opportunities for establishing partnerships between companies and R&D institutions from Portugal and Holland.



[View Programme]


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