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HCP was chosen to integrate the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA)

The Invitation for Commitments for the establishment of Action Groups (AG) and Expression of Intent closed on 3 June 2012. About 260 commitments were submitted by groups of stakeholders from public and private sector and 54 regions and municipalities offered to be "reference sites", to exchange good practice and to share knowledge and experience on past successes in active and healthy ageing.

Six Action Groups were formed, for each specific action, namely:
- AG A1: Prescription and adherence action at regional level
- AG A2: Personalised health management: Falls prevention
- AG A3: Prevention of functional decline and frailty
- AG B3: Integrated care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level
- AG C2: Interoperable independent living solutions
- AG D4: Age friendly buildings, cities and environments

The HCP was invited to attend the first meeting of the AG C2 on Independent Living on 21st and 22nd June, in Brussels. This first meeting was an opportunity to meet the other AG C2 stakeholders and commitments and to identify collaborations and specific activities for the creation and implementation of an Action Plan that will contribute for the EIP-AHA headline target of increasing the healthy lifespan of EU citizens by two years.

HCP has been actively engaged in supporting the EIP-AHA and participated on the Second Meeting of the Action Group C2 on the 24th September in Eindhoven.

Partners from the six AG finalized the respective Action Plans that were presented at the Conference of Partners that was held on 6th November, in Brussels. The first indicators of the process will be available later this year. The Partnership will assess the results of its work, and the first report will be published in 2013.


(HCP, 6 November 2012)