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International Summer School on Principles-Oriented Systems Biology

Cantanhede, Portugal, July 1-12 2013

An intensive hands-on training program oriented towards discovering and understanding new organization principles in organism and molecular Biology.

Systems biology is beginning to unveil organization principles that apply across organisms, cell types and modules, raising the hope that Biology too will become a predictive science. Such principles emerge from the interplay between three factors, namely, the physical-chemical limits that constrain what organisms can accomplish given the available resources, the performance requirements that organisms must fulfill in their environment in order to effectively spread their genes onto the next generation, and the evolutionary dynamics that determine if and how feasible designs become prevalent in populations.

This summer school will provide training on the theoretical foundations and computational tools that are required to achieve a deeper appreciation of that interplay.

The present edition will focus on methodologies connecting function to design in biomolecular networks - from mesoscopic systems to metabolisms.

For further information please visit: http://www1.biocant.pt/summer_school/index.php

(Biocant, 11 April 2013)