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MIT Portugal: Leaders for Technical Industries Doctoral Program - call for candidates


The applications for the doctoral program in Leaders for Technical Industries (LTI) are now open for the next academic year, 2013/14. This doctoral program is developed within the MIT Portugal collaboration under the Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing (EDAM) focus-area.

The LTI program is where the University meets the Industries’ challenges, both from the technology and management perspective. It is a PhD driven by innovation, creativity, scientific know-how and leadership in a world-class cooperation among School of Engineering from University of Minho (UM), Engineering Faculty of University of Porto (FEUP), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The LTI research covers several fields, namely:
- Medical devices
- Micromanufacturing;
- Automotive;
- Aeronautics;
- Integrated cost and life cycle considerations in engineering design and manufacturing;
- Sustainable solutions;
- Social and human aspects in engineering design and manufacturing.

The LTI program is a unique opportunity for an engineer to advance/launch his career as a researcher and as a professional, with a specific training in product development, manufacturing methods, engineering systems or systems management.

Outstanding PhD Applicants may be awarded with FCT scholarships and conduct research at MIT.

One may apply to the LTI doctoral program while completing his/her final year of an Integrated Master’s degree, or if he/she are now completing a separate Master’s program. A faculty advisor or a research work plan is not required in order to apply.

The candidacies are open until 31st of March, 2013. For more information, please consult:

- MIT Portugal website (www.mitportugal.org)

- e-mail (edam-mit@eng.uminho.pt)


(MIT Portugal – EDAM, 6 March 2013)