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UTEN Annual Conference 2012

"Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization: Building Portugal’s Future"

"Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization: Building Portugal’s Future" is this year’s theme for UTEN Annual Conference that will take place in Lisbon next 17th December. The registration process is now open here – participation in the event is free of charge but mandatory due to the number of seats available.

The 2012 UTEN Annual Conference gathers researchers and students, entrepreneurs and investors, industry and policy makers in order to discuss the future of Portugal in these fields. This edition will focus on four major themes:

- The entrepreneurial journey;
- Internationalization;
- The entrepreneurial economy;
- Technology transfer networks.

The event will have a panel including experts from  United States of America and Europe. Please take a look at the conference program here.

The conference will be in English. For helpdesk and further information please contact Sonia Pinto: sonia.pinto@utenportugal.org

About UTEN:

The University Technology Enterprise Network Portugal is composed by 14 Portuguese universities and several R&D organizations and technology parks. The network’s main objective is to promote the development of globally competitive and sustainable Portuguese technology commercialization infrastructures. To do this, UTEN works with and builds upon existing Portuguese TT institutions and networks of TT managers’ and staff.

Do you want to know more? You just have to visit UTEN’s website (here).


(UTEN, 10 December 2012)