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André Eiras dos Santos




André Eiras dos Santos
COO and Co-Founder, SWORD Health


André Eiras dos Santos is the COO and Co-Founder of SWORD Health and he's responsible for strategic partnerships worldwide, business development and operations. SWORD Health is leading the disruption in the rehabilitation industry through technology and by creating the standard of care for the next 50 years. Passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and healthcare, Andre first earned his Masters in Biomedical Engineering and became specialist in Medical Electronics from the University of Coimbra, where he founded his first startup and where he's frequently invited to lecture. In 2015 Andre earned his MBA from Porto Business School.



"It's possible to turn Physical Therapy into Digital and build-up the new standard of care for the next 50 years?"

Annually, there are more than 230m people in the World that need Physical Therapy. With the aging of the population, this number is growing exponentially and the biggest pain point is related to the lack of access to treatment since there are not enough Physical Therapists. According to Forbes, this role is one of the top ten hardest jobs to fill and nowadays there is a shortage of 33.000 in US and there is only 1 Physical Therapist per 100.000 people in China. The gap between supply and demand is getting bigger and only technology can close it. SWORD Health is a 100% Portuguese company that decides to address this global problem by developing the first AI-Powered Digital Therapist for Rehabilitation, that enables patients to have therapy at the comfort of their homes and empower clinical teams to treat at least 5X more patients with better clinical outcomes and higher compliance. The technology has been treating patients worldwide from Australia to US and its been used by national health services, insurance companies, and private healthcare providers.


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