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Diana Veiga




Diana Veiga
Medical Imaging Project Manager, Neadvance


Diana Veiga is a Project Manager at NEADVANCE, where Diana leads a team of engineers in the development of medical imaging-based software solutions. She is responsible for the first contact with clinicians and project's definition. Before assuming the role as project manager, Diana spent four years doing her PhD jointly with ENERMETER and University of Minho. Diana's background is Biomedical Engineering and obtained her master's degree by the University of Minho. Her current research interests include medical image processing and analysis, artificial intelligence and topics related to project management such as agile methodologies and SCRUM.



"Getting the right information from medical images – The NEADVANCE's perspective"

NEADVANCE conceives, develops and markets artificial vision intelligent systems applied to the most varied industries. Machine learning-based applications, more specifically deep learning-based, are gaining attention from the medical community. At NEADVANCE we are exploring these technologies for the development of innovative solutions in medical imaging. We are working with mammography, magnetic resonance and bone scintigraphy towards the automatic detection of suspicious cancer lesions. The need for decision-making tools for clinical use is widely identified and NEADVANCE is hoping to contribute to this new Era of computerized medicine.


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