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José Pedro Almeida




José Pedro Almeida
Head of Analytics & Data Science, CHSJ - São João Hospital Center

José Pedro Almeida is the Head of Analytics & Data Science of São João Hospital Center (CHSJ). He is a Digital Health enthusiast with extensive experience in leveraging Big Data and Advanced Data Analytics to help detect patients at risk and alert doctors and nurses with real time insights about those patients. He has been the leader of the development of a revolutionary Big Data platform called HVITAL that provides a unique management capability to São João Hospital. His work has been recognized worldwide with the most prestigious international awards in the Digital Health space, amongst which the 1st prize in the HIMSS Digital Healthcare 2016 Award (Barcelona), the 1st prize in the "2014 Microsoft Worldwide Health Innovation Award" (Orlando, USA) and the 2014 "Big Data & Analytics Solution of the Year" prize by IT Europa (London, UK). The EU Innovation Commissioner publicly references this work done at CHSJ as an amazing example of Health Innovation in the EU, with the effective use of Big Data to help save patients' lives.


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