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Olga Borges




Olga Borges
Researcher, CNC


Olga Borges is the Principal Investigator of the "Vaccines & Adjuvants" topic of the Vector and Gene therapy group of the Center of Neuroscience and Cell Biology and Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Coimbra. She received her PhD at Pharmaceutical Technology from University of Coimbra in 2007, her MSc in Science and Food technology from (Technical) University of Lisbon in 1996 and she graduated as Pharmacist in 1992 at University of Coimbra. Her research interests focus on the preparation and characterization of polymeric nanocarriers with a vaccine (protein and DNA) adjuvant effect for mucosal vaccination, especially nasal and oral. Present projects, running on her laboratory have as main objectives: 1) to develop a therapeutic vaccine for chronic hepatitis B patients and 2) to develop the safe-by-design concept for chitosan nanoparticles and to evaluate the immune toxicology of the polymeric nanoparticles (GoNanoBioMat project). She has been invited to be part of the editorial board and to review papers by several journals and projects in area of hepatitis. She supervised several PhD and MSc students and published over than 30 papers as main author or corresponding author.



"In search of an oral Hepatitis B vaccine"

The number of people with hepatitis B is particularly high and the subject returned to the agenda of World Health Assembly in 2014. In Eastern Mediterranean and Europe regions, among the 36.7 million people living with HIV in 2015, an estimated 2.7 million had chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection. With the increasing migratory trend from Africa and Asia to European countries, it is expected that the number of cases will increase in Europe in the coming years. The success of classical therapeutic intervention and the utility of the prophylactic vaccine on chronic hepatitis B are limited; so, needle-free vaccines for developing countries and immunotherapeutic strategies are now, seriously considered as a possible strategy to control the disease. On this presentation, the last findings of the group to develop an oral vaccine for hepatitis B will be presented.


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